The James E. Cary Cancer Center offers a variety of support groups, designed to help the cancer survivor and their families.

NEW! - Grief Counseling (one-on-one, small group or family)

Open to all. Grief can come in many forms and for many reasons, not just cancer. Grief counseling is open for anyone that is suffering from a loss. Call 573-406-5800 to schedule a time that is convenient for you or your family.

Stronger Together Support Group

Open to family, friends and survivors! The James E. Cary Cancer Center and Hannibal Regional Cancer Institute offers a monthly education session to cancer survivors, with speakers presenting topics related to living with/beyond cancer. The sessions are held the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:30 pm in the Hannibal Regional Conference Center, which is located inside the main entrance of Hannibal Regional Medical Group.. These sessions are open to anyone affected by cancer.

Pinkie Pals

If you are dealing with or have dealt with breast cancer, come join Pinkie Pals Breast Cancer Support Group the first Tuesday of each month at First Christian Church, 1101 Broadway, Hannibal MO from 6:30-8 pm. Pinkie Pals was named for the Power of Pink! The pinkie swear we make to one another, the support we give to each other in confidence and the pals we become in the process. If you are interested in more information, please e-mail Kathy at or Cindy at