Oncology Nurse Navigation is a service that is available to support cancer patients as they make treatment decisions and as they transition through very stressful stages of cancer care. This program is developed through the Cancer Committee at the James E. Cary Cancer Center.

The nurse navigator is available to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, providing one on one support for them at the presentation of diagnosis, oncology specialist’s appointments and hospital visits. Their role is to provide the patient with a brief written summary after their appointment and answer questions as they arise. They can assist the patient in coordination of additional appointments, connecting the patient with other appropriate resources and working to decrease or eliminate the barriers to care that many of these patients face. The program has expanded and is offered to all new cancer patients.

A patient navigator will assist you in obtaining answers to your questions, making connections with other clinicians and services that may be needed for care.  The patient navigator can be a single points of contact for your needs.  A patient navigator can:

  • Be with you at cancer specialists appointments to take notes, provide support, then answer questions after the visit
  • Coordinate appointments, tests, procedures and treatments with your care team
  • Connect you with additional resources or referrals to other physicians, therapists, social work, financial services, dietitians, counselors
  • Be a resource for your questions, concerns and fears

The Oncology Nurse Navigation Program began with a generous donation from the Hannibal Regional Auxiliary. For more information please contact the James E. Cary Cancer Center at 573-406-5813.